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Unoccupied Home Insurance

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We can provide cover solutions for 97% of vacant properties we are asked to quote for.

Unoccupied Home /Vacant Buildings Insurance

We can provide cover for Homes/Properties that are empty due to:;

  • Owner / Occupier in a Nursing Home / Long Term Care

  • Death of the Owner / Occupier

  • Property is For Sale / To Let / In Probate

  • Property is Between Tenants

  • Owners moving away / abroad

  • New Builds – completed & read to occupy

Cover – Fire (Fire, Lightening, Explosion & Aircraft) & Public Liability / Additional Perils (Storm, Flood, Theft) option. Public Liability only option.

We have specific 12 month vacant property policies for residential, mixed use or commercial (single or multi-unit) properties including completed new builds. Policies can be cancelled mid-term if property gets sold.

Quoting for Residential / Mixed Use / Commercial / New Builds / Warehouses / Office Blocks.

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Our Tips & Guidance on Risk Prevention
  • Do not make it obvious that the property is vacant / disused / unoccupied – refrain from any boarding up or leaving a padlock on the gate or other no-entry obstructions which would inadvertently make it obvious there’s nobody there.
  • Keep the lawns and driveway in good order – cut the grass regularly and weed the drive & flower beds. If it looks well kept, it looks like there’s someone there.
  • Keep a light on a timer upstairs and downstairs to come on when darkness falls and to switch off at normal bedtime
  • Do not leave bins or furniture outside the property unless for immediate collection
  • Be aware of the Unoccupied Property Conditions or Unoccupancy Clause on your policy as there will be commitments there for you to manage to ensure cover is not adversely affected
  • Visit the house regularly and take a look through the internal and external areas.

In some circumstances cover can be extended when the property becomes occupied by tenants to include the full range of perils including also Loss of Rent & Accidental Damage to Buildings.
Policies can be cancelled mid-term if property gets sold

The type of COVER we can provide;
  • Fire, Lightning, Aircraft & Explosion cover in respect of Buildings (& Contents where required)
  • Storm, Flood & Theft cover (where requested)
  • Public / Property Owners’ Liability cover limit of €6,500,000
  • Fire Brigade Charges
  • Professional Fees
  • Debris Removal
  • Interested Parties noted (Bank / Receiver / Local Authority etc.)
  • For larger Commercial Properties, we can arrange additional perils e.g. storm / flood / accidental damage

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"We became clients of SA Faughnan in early 2021 and since then have received top class service coupled with competitive premiums and excellent insurance cover."
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July 2021

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The Moyles Family
June 2021

"We have been clients of SA Faughnan Brokers for 2 years now and have found them to be the ideal solution for our insurance requirements. Their level of experience and knowledge in the private investor social housing market gives me the comfort of knowing that I am insured correctly. Read More..."
Stephane Perche
July 2021


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