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Social Housing Insurance

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Social / County Council / Local Authority Housing Insurance

At S.A. Faughnan, we work with private landlords / property owners, investor firms, institutional landlords and housing associations across Ireland in conjunction with the local authority, county or city council and various housing bodies.

Not all insurance providers handle social housing insurance. The reason is that this type of insurance requires specialised knowledge and an understanding Insurer who are committed to hold the risk at competitive rates for the longer term and not just for ‘one year only’. We are happy to be one of only a select group of Brokers in this area.

We understand the inherent risks involved in this type of household and are here to provide you with the advice and property owners coverage needed.

As well, our experienced insurance brokers stay up to date on the housing market in Ireland so that we can best understand your circumstances and any associated risks.

The insurance solutions you receive will meet the special needs of social housing associations, local authorities and county or city councils i.e. a bespoke solution. You will also get personal attention from our dedicated insurance account handlers who will understand your account, assist with the claims process, and answer any questions you may have along the way.

Social Housing Insurance Risk Experts

In addition, our social housing insurance professionals have risk expertise. We have significant experience identifying risks and eliminating or reducing them (in conjunction with the insurer) to help you now and into the future.

As a social housing landlord or housing association, you are eligible to apply today for an insurance policy package.

All of this is available at affordable prices. It is no wonder that we are a top-rated broker in Ireland with many such long-standing property owner customers.

Should you have a collection or portfolio of units, you can (if you so choose) have a ‘one policy fits all’ solution with just one insurance schedule document and one renewal date annually, which reduces your administration and time otherwise spent looking after staggered insurance policies. The process will prove convenient and straightforward yet multiple local authorities / county councils can be satisfied with the one document. Alternatively, you can keep them all separate.

We understand that developing and providing social housing is a big challenge and requires you to be extremely cost-conscious. Our insurance team has 40 years of experience finding the best value (in terms of cover and rates), comprehensive insurance solutions at the most affordable price. With our network of A-rated Insurers, we secure you the best possible option in the insurance market so you can feel peace of mind and obtain better outcomes. Let’s keep your social housing investment protected, no matter what.

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If you have any questions regarding social housing policies, talk to us now on 01 8245555 (9am-5pm Mon-Fri) or submit the “Get A Quote” form and we will recommend the property insurance cover that is right for you.


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David Hegarty
Head of Research and Data Management Irish Homes
July 2021

"We highly recommend SA Faughnan to any Property Owner for Property Owners Insurance for Pre 63 Buildings. We’re looking forward to many more years working with them. Read more..."

The Moyles Family
June 2021

"We have been clients of SA Faughnan Brokers for 2 years now and have found them to be the ideal solution for our insurance requirements. Their level of experience and knowledge in the private investor social housing market gives me the comfort of knowing that I am insured correctly. Read More..."
Stephane Perche
July 2021

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