Mixed use buildings, Houses in flats, Commercial property, Listed/Period Buildings, Property under Renovation, Small Apartment Blocks etc.

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Industrial, Manufacturing, Land, Warehousing, Distribution, Leisure, Entertainment, Property, Land and the Motor Trade.

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Professional Indemnity, Office, Retailers & Combined Insurance, All Risks, Engineering, Motor Traders, Contractors, Tradesmen.

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Property Owners’ & Employers’ Liability, Professional Indemnity, Directors & Officers’, Environmental, Cyber & Excess Liability etc.

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Advice driven professional service dedicated to helping you make the right decisions & plans for your future.

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Jim Payne Property Consultants - Property Owners Insurance
“We have been using SA Faughnan Brokers Ltd for a number of years now for insurance for residentia… Read more

Specialist Schemes

  • Property Under Renovation
    Insurance for Properties under Renovation.
    Multi or Single Unit property under minor or major renovation, in the course of construction, vacant and/or boarded up.
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  •  Apartment Blocks
    Small apartment block insurance
    Property Owner retained or Management Company blocks let in multi residential and/or mixed use settings.
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  • Housing Estates
    Insurance cover for houses in estates
    Housing Schemes, Ghost Estates, Holiday Home Schemes, Unfinished or Under Construction.Read More
  • Listed/Period Buildings
    Listed period building insurance
    100+ year old buildings with protected/listed external and/or internal Period Features in residential and/or office lets.
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  • Houses In Flats
    houses in flats insurance
    Specialist Insurance Schemes for traditional multi-unit properties in flats/bedsits. Exclusive broker to Irish Property Owners’ Association.
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  • Commercial Property
    Commercial Property Insurance
    Properties in Office, Retail, Leisure, Manufacturing, Storage, Industrial, Warehousing & Distribution use.Read More
  • Mixed Use Buildings
    Mixed use building insurance cover
    Properties with a mix of Residential and Commercial/Retail/Office lets. Standard or Purpose Built.
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  • Single Unit/Buy To Let
    Single Unit Buy To Let Residential Insurance cover
    Specialist Insurance Schemes for new & old single unit/buy to let houses. All Risks cover available.
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  • Vacant/Un-occupied Buildings
    Vacant Property Insurance
    Properties which are vacant, unoccupied, for sale, in probate, disused or under renovation.
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  • Office Blocks
    Office Block and Retail outlet Insurance
    Office Blocks in city centre, urban & rural settings incl. car park liability, associated Terrorism & Excess Liability covers.
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  • Retail Outlets
    Office Block and Retail outlet Insurance
    Single / Multi Unit Retail Outlets in city centre, urban & rural settings incl. car park liability, associated Terrorism & Excess Liability covers.
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