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Family Protection & Mortgage Protection

Do you have any plans in place should anything unforeseen happen to you or your spouse?


Would you like your family to maintain their current standard of living if anything happened to you?


Have you reviewed the price you are paying for your mortgage protection plan recently? There may be significant savings available.


Life Assurance is designed to protect you and your family in the event of your untimely death.


Here are various types of Life Assurance

Level Term Assurance

This policy will pay out a particular sum in the event of your death. The amount will not change throughout the term of the policy nor will the premium. This can be used to cover a mortgage on a property if you are paying interest only and the capital is not being reduced

Decreasing Term Assurance

The sum assured on this policy will decrease on a year by year basis, but the premium remains the same. Therefore it is important to review this every few years. It is designed to pay off your mortgage in the event of your death when you are paying full capital and interest on the loan. It is commonly known as Mortgage Protection.

Convertible Term Assurance

This is the same as level term assurance, however you have an added option. At the end of the term you can covert the policy into another life policy without having to provide medical evidence. You may wish to reduce the amount insured at this stage to ensure a lower premium

Pension Term Assurance

This is the same as a life assurance policy but you can also claim tax relief on premiums paid, in the same way as you can on pension contributions.


You can add this benefit to any Level Term or Convertible Term policy. It means that the premium and the sum assured will increase by a certain percentage every year to keep in line with inflation.

Joint Life Assurance

This policy will be held in joint names and will pay out on the first or second death only of either life assured but not both

Dual Life Assurance

This policy will be held in joint names, but will pay out on the death of each life assured.


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