Apartment Building Insurance Already Included In Service Charge – Why Do Investors Need More?

Landlord Contents/Apartment Blocks Insurance

If your property is insured under a block policy i.e. an apartment, this policy will only cover liability arising from accidents in the common areas i.e. the hallways, stairways, landings etc. It will generally not cover accidents occurring inside the apartment.

To ensure you have liability cover within the apartment you must have (Landlord’s) Contents insurance, but check that it covers liability to the tenant as well as third parties. In order for the investor Landlord (i.e. the owner of an individual apartment unit) to protect her/his own interests within the walls of the apartment unit, she/he needs to purchase Landlord Contents insurance.

This will not only provide cover for damage to the contents provided (by the landlord) for the purposes of the let, but will also extend to include Public/Property Owners’ liability cover in the event that a tenant or a visitor sustains death, injury or illness within the unit, and a claim for damages is subsequently made against the Landlord.

Should the Landlord be proven, by a court to be negligent, the Landlord’s Contents policy will provide cover for awards made to the claimant subject to the terms of the policy. The Management Company (OMC) block policy does not extend to provide cover for the legal liability of individual Landlord’s to their tenants within the units they own and let out. It is a popular misconception that the block policy extends to cover all eventualities.

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