Vacant & Un-occupied Property


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Many buildings and contents policies will insure your home if you leave it for up to 30 days. This means if you went on holiday for four weeks your policy would remain in place and cover would still apply.  If you are planning to leave your home for longer than 30 days you should check this with your Insurer/Broker as you may be required to take out another policy such as an unoccupied house Insurance policy.


Many policies for unoccupied houses will be dependent on the property being left in a good state of repair. It is important to make sure the property is safe and secure before you attempt to insure it, and that the house is kept in this state. Insurers may insist on some special measures to protect your property during these times: All mains services are disconnected and all water pipes and tanks drained down and all letterboxes are sealed to prevent insertion of any materials or liquids


The cover available for vacant / un-occupied buildings is as follows;


Covers provided:

  • Fire, Lightning, Aircraft & Explosion cover in respect of Buildings (& Contents where required)
  • Public / Property Owners’ Liability cover limit of €6,500,000 any one claim
  • Fire Brigade Charges
  • Professional Fees
  • Debris Removal
  • Interested Parties noted (Bank / Receiver / Local Authority etc.)
  • For larger Commercial Properties, we can arrange additional perils e.g. storm / flood / accidental damage


Policies are subject to Un-occupancy Conditions and usually a 50% or 100% Minimum & Deposit premium condition applies i.e. 50% / 100% non-refundable in the event of mid-term cancellation.


Cover can be extended when the property becomes occupied by tenants to include the full range of perils including also Loss of Rent & Accidental Damage to Buildings. Alternatively, we can arrange a 12 month Home Insurance policy post-renovation if you intend residing in the property.


If your property is vacant and is going to be renovated over the coming months, cover will be restricted to the above perils (Fire) as advised and you must make sure that the Contractors that are carrying out the works on the property have their own Public Liability, Employers Liability and Contractors All Risks cover in place.


Remember: By not advising your current insurer that the property has become vacant, you may be breaching the terms of your insurance contract i.e. the Duty of Disclosure. A standard home insurance or rental property policy does not give you cover whilst the property is vacant. Contact us now for professional advice and tailored insurance solutions…8245555 or


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