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Security isn’t expensive, it’s priceless!

Driven by generational shifts and rapid adoption of technology, customers’ channel preferences for insurance products and services are shifting rapidly. These changing customer preferences have manifested in a number of innovations, however the core needs which insurance services fulfil remain the same.

The Insurance industry has suffered from the loss of customer trust following the demise of a number of Insurers in recent years and therefore one of the most important value proposition from a customer’s perspective is the financial strength and stability of their Insurer.

A resilient, well capitalised Insurer is better able to absorb the shocks and continue to support the economy and its customers in good times and bad.

In recognition of this all our Insurance Providers are A Rated Insurance Companies, supervised by the Irish, UK & EU financial services regulatory authorities. Their Group’s ratings (A.M. Best & Standard & Poors) reflect their financial strength and resilient operating performances.

Other Policy Providers may be Cheaper, but will you be covered in the event of a claim?

Don’t risk it, Cover yourself with
A-Rated Insurance Companies Only.