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People are now looking for cheaper, cleaner, and more local electricity and our next generation will be looking for more smart renewable energy solutions.


With rising fuel costs, climate change and the opening of the electricity and gas markets to new suppliers, the requirement to monitor and reduce energy consumption is more important than ever before for industry in Ireland.


A solar energy system is a reliable and sustainable means of generating clean energy for homes and businesses as this lowers carbon emissions and, most importantly, makes strong commercial sense and is a very good investment in its own right and that’s why we are seeing an increasing amount of private homes being retrofitted and office blocks are being switched to LED and solar power.


Businesses, industry and local authorities are also now interested in converting to renewable sources of energy. Renewable energy measures such as solar thermal / heat pumps / biomass boilers / stoves can then also be considered. Existing buildings such as hospitals, leisure centres and council offices could be successfully retro-fitted with solar panels for space and water heating. Buildings designed to create a comfortable working environment with the minimum of artificial heating, cooling and lighting have lower energy costs and environmental impacts.


Many opportunities also exist for homeowners to make use of renewable energy resources, like solar panels, and the most practical renewable energy options relate to space heating and domestic hot water which account for over 70% of household energy consumption.


Bearing all this in mind, the developing need for contractors specialising in the renewable energy sector is on the rise and we can assist you with the following insurance covers to make sure you are ready for business and adequately protected:

  • Combined Liability (Public, Products & Employers Liability)
  • Business Interruption
  • Stock
  • Machinery & Equipment
  • Professional Indemnity – for your advice, design & specification


For more information or to obtain a competitive insurance quote please contact our office and discover today how we can help with your needs for renewable energy insurance.


REMEMBER – At S.A Faughnan (Brokers) Ltd. <> we can assist you in arranging the correct package to cover your Renewable Energy business including the completion of all insurance forms issued by SEAI and Local Authorities. We are insurance professionals and we deal ONLY with A-Rated (financially secure) Insurers at competitive prices.

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