Public Liability Insurance for New Business Start Ups

Business Start up Insurance


You’re a New Business Start Up who needs to take out Public Liability insurance…..what you need to bear in mind when contacting Insurance Brokers…


Tip 1

Avoid giving an inaccurate description of your occupation or services to the Broker


Tip 2

If you have a related secondary occupation, don’t fail to disclose this to your Broker…otherwise it’s not covered


Tip 3  

Don’t accept an unusually low Public Liability limit of indemnity


Tip 4

If you do work for Local Authorities or State / Semi-State bodies you need to ensure your Public Liability insurance limit is at least €6.5m


Tip 5

If you have a part time or full time casual worker, an apprentice or an employee don’t forget to include Employers’ Liability cover for them


Tip 6

Don’t forget to consider Personal Accident Cover for yourself in the event of you sustaining an injury at work


Tip 7

Don’t forget to arrange additional cover for your work equipment, computers, stock and tools….Public Liability doesn’t cover them!


Tip 8

Public Liability is rated on your annual Turnover, please ensure you have calculated this for the coming year. If you don’t have accurate figures make sure to have an estimated figure


Tip 9

Make sure to declare any previous convictions, prosecutions, receiverships or judgements against you or if you’ve had any previous insurance refused or cancelled


Tip 10

Next year, don’t allow your renewal date to pass without ensuring continued cover is in place either with your current Broker or with a new one


Remember, insuring your legal liability to members of the public is vital or you could face a substantial claim for injuries against you or your business which could put you out of business overnight if you haven’t arranged adequate liability insurance cover!!