What is Public Liability Insurance and what does it cover me for?

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Public Liability Insurance provides cover if you become legally responsible  to a third party  for bodily Injury/death/diseases, damages, expenses & costs and/or damage to their property following an accident which occurs  in connection with your business activities or as owner of a property.


Accidents can happen, even when you think you are operating in a correct manner and complying with all health and safety regulations and have the best risk management practices in place. A member of the public or a client can suffer a loss or injury at any time, as a direct result of your business activities, ranging from bodily injury to damage to their property.


A Public Liability Insurance Policy is essential cover for every organisation. With the right cover in place you can carry on your business knowing that if a member of the public is injured by you or one of your employees in the course of your business activities, your insurance would cover the costs as well as any legal expenses etc.


As a result, it could mean the difference between your business staying open and closing – especially if you run a small operation.


What is not covered under a public liability insurance policy:

  • Standard Exclusions (war, terrorism, radioactivity, asbestos)
  • Deliberate acts
  • Criminal acts
  • Fines/penalties
  • Gradual pollution
  • Professional advice provided for a fee
  • Use of mechanically propelled vehicles
  • Injury to employees in the course of their employment

Who needs Public Liability Insurance:

If you are a sole trader, partnership or company operating a business or offering a service that involves interacting with members of the public, then public liability insurance is a must.  So whether you run an operation with a large number of people visiting your premises for example cafes, shops, hotels etc. or if you do small jobs on other people’s property for example a tradesman, public liability cover is well worth considering.  Also if you are an individual and own a property, piece of land or farm this insurance cover is an important consideration to protect yourself against third party claims.

Remember:  If you work with clients or customers, or in public spaces, it’s important to protect your business against claims for damage or injury.

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