Ten Pitfalls to Avoid when Insuring your Rental Property.

Property Owners Insurance

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Save time and hassle from the outset. Avoid the following frequent pitfalls property owners fall into when choosing their rental property insurance.


  • Failing to contact an experienced Landlord Insurance Broker…check them out online
  • Talking to a staff member who obviously knows nothing about Landlords or asks irrelevant questions
  • Not disclosing ALL previous property insurance claims for the period requested
  • Withholding flat roof or any non-standard construction detail
  • Not disclosing any material facts likely to influence the Insurers’ decision
  • Insuring with an unrated or even unknown Insurer
  • Not being aware of your responsibilities in relation to fire protection in the property
  • Disclosing incorrect descriptions of tenancy types or trades
  • Not reporting an incident which is likely to give rise to an insurance claim
  • Failing to pay or renew your policy on time


Insure your property with a Broker who has the experience of placing Investment Property risks on a daily basis and who knows the intricacies of being a Landlord and can advise you accordingly. Don’t be guided by price alone, have an experienced Landlord Broker behind you as well as quality insurance cover with a secure Insurer…you’ll be thankful when that first claim arrives..


For More Information Visit SA Faughnans Landlord Insurance Page

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