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Key Facts on our Property Owners Scheme



  • All Risks cover basis (i.e. not basic Landlord Home Insurance)
  • Fire Lightening Explosion & Aircraft incl. Public/Property Owners Liability cover on un-occupied properties
  • Flexible – same policy can cover you whether the property is vacant or occupied or moves between both during the course of the policy period
  • Once 50% or more of the property is occupied, full All Risks cover applies to the entire property. Other policies on the market do NOT offer this and restrict cover to Fire Only when a unit becomes vacant / un-occupied
  • No requirement to obtain an up to date electrical certificate for your property – most other policies do require this every 2-3 years
  • You only have to declare your current tenancy split at each renewal date (if it has changed) – other polices insist that you notify your insurer once a tenancy type changes
  • 30 Days full All Risks cover after the property has become un-occupied / vacant
  • Cover for Protected / Period Features where you have notified us your property is on the protected structures listing. Extended cover option where internal period features exist
  • Fairer Un-occupancy Conditions applying when compared with other policies on the market
  • Cost of Alternative Accommodation is included where the Landlord wishes to retain the tenant(s) even during damage repairs where tenant has to temporarily move out
  • Public/Property Owners Liability section automatically extends to include cover for casual property repairs & maintenance persons
  • Employers Liability can be added where Landlord is employing Part or Full Time person(s) who carry out casual property repairs / maintenance, caretaking or clerical work at the property
  • Loss of Rent – 12 / 24 / 36 month indemnity periods available with up to 50% of buildings sum insured covered as rent
  • Fire Brigade Charges:   €10,000
  • Glass:                                  €10,000
  • Trace & Access:                €12,000
  • Loss of Metered Water Charges: €12,000


  • Cheap Landlord Contents & Public/PO Liability packages for apartment units available
  • Covering RAS / Local Authority / DCC / HAPS / Housing Authority / Air BnB / / City Breaks Lets and more