House in Flats Insurance

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In the recent past, insurance cover was very difficult to obtain for house in flats insurance due to the perception that in the main such risks were of poor standard, which in turn would give rise to substantial claims. The majority of locally based insurers were declining to offer cover leaving landlords with the only other option available to them which was trying to place the risks at the Lloyds Markets at considerable expense. The pre-63 housing stock has improved substantially in recent years following implementation of various tranches of minimum standards and other regulations being passed regarding the letting of properties and the general upkeep and maintenance of same.


S.A. Faughnan (Brokers) Ltd is a specialist Landlord Broker acting as the appointed Broker to the national association of landlords, the Irish Property Owners’ Association (IPOA), dating back to 1997. We are fully aware of the problems experienced by Landlords and their particular insurance requirements when it comes to insuring multi-unit residential units.


We can offer Landlords an insurance product which is specifically designed and tailored to cater for converted buildings of standard/traditional construction (i.e. listed / period / protected / pre-63) or indeed purpose built and used for residential, commercial or mixed use purposes. Our insurance scheme can also accommodate unoccupied properties of all types (even under renovation) with the flexibility to adjust cover mid-term should the buildings become occupied without having to change policy or insurer.


Our Appetite List:

  • Pre’63 – Converted – Listed/Unlisted/Period/Protected Structures
  • Vacant Properties – Multi Unit / Housing Scheme / Commercial / Mixed Use
  • Properties in flats with or without commercial let unit/s
  • Small ‘Property Owner’ Apartment Blocks



Our insurance scheme offers a comprehensive “All Risks” wording to include the following covers:

  • Accidental Damage cover on Buildings
  • Loss of Rent included at 20% with higher limits available on request
  • Fire Brigade Charges €5,000 / Trace & Access €12,000 / Glass €12,000
  • Loss of Metered Water €12,000 / Replacement of Locks €1,200
  • Malicious Damage by Tenants / Damage caused by Emergency Services
  • Public/Property Owners Liability with a standard limit of €6.5m included which extends to cover casual property repairs and maintenance
  • Employers Liability Cover is optional but can be included where maintenance / caretaker persons are employed under a contract of service
  • Automatic Waiver of Subrogation / Automatic non-Invalidation Clauses as standard
  • Generous discounts are available for Integrated Fire Alarm System, claims free years, high sums insured and purpose built construction types etc.


Should your property be on the local authority list of Protected / Listed Structures we can include cover for the extra cost of reinstatement incurred as a consequence of its protected status e.g. Georgian/Victorian period features including internal protected features where applicable subject to generous but realistic policy limits.

S.A. Faughnan (Brokers) Ltd. have been in business successfully for over 30 years and have a wealth of experience in all areas of commercial insurance and risk management.


For more information on House in Flats insurance with S.A. Faughnan Click here

Remember – If you are the owner of a property that requires Landlord Insurance cover as outlined above and are interested in obtaining a quotation under our rental property scheme please contact us in advance of your present renewal date. Our competitiveness as well as our technical knowledge will impress you!