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Renovation insurance is essential for anyone planning refurbishment, upgrading or extension works to their private house. Home Owners are unaware that they need to inform their insurer of upcoming changes before building work begins on the property. If you don’t and something unfortunate happens, then it is possible that your insurers will not pay out in the event of a claim.
Renovation and extension work requires a whole range of protection not typically included or provided for under a standard property insurance policy. Renovating, upgrading, extending or refurbishing requires specialist insurance such as renovation insurance as your standard property insurance policy cannot be extended to include such works and unoccupied properties also increase the vulnerability to vandalism and fire.


If there is a financial institution involved in the property they will insist on you having fire insurance cover on the structure but you need to consider the overall situation (not just what the Bank requires) to make sure that you are fully insured for whatever incidents/losses may arise on site.


What Insurance Cover do I need?


We can offer you a policy designed to protect you whilst in the process of building your house or carrying out renovations and/or extensions to your existing property. This policy can be set up for a period of 12 or 18 months to cover the period of the works with the following extensions available, if required:

  • Fire, lightning, explosion and aircraft (i.e. Fire Cover) on existing structure with all risk property cover for the new build
  • Employers Liability cover for all direct tradesmen and labourers with an indemnity limit of €13,000,000
  • Public Liability cover in respect of the site and any visitors or trespassers with an indemnity limit of €2,600,000
  • Contract works cover for the ongoing new works and materials on site
  • Constructional plant and equipment used in connection with the works with a value limit of €10,000 in respect of own plant and hired in plant up to €10,000
  • Cover is also included for transit, professional fees, debris removal, off site storage, public authorities clause, fire brigade charges and expediting expenses


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Remember:  Protect yourself when embarking on the construction of a private dwelling or extending and/or renovating your existing property!! You need to consider the ‘Liability’ and ‘Contract Works’ cover if you are employing direct labour and not a main contractor who carries their own insurance. This is vital to protect YOU!