Flood Prevention – Tips from an Insurance Perspective

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Flooding is the most common natural disaster so firstly you need to ensure that your property insurance policy covers Flood risks. If your property is located in a flood risk area it is highly likely that your current policy will exclude flood and you will find the cover is not available to you on the insurance market in general. So what do you do – The key to reducing flood damage is to take precautions, which in many cases you can accomplish in a few hours to a few days.


  • Check outside Drains Check to ensure that outside drains and gullies are clear and free running as leaves and debris can block them, causing water to collect.
  • Fix leaks immediatelyLeaky roofs allow water to get into your home, which can weaken the structure and cause damage. When you see wet spots on the ceiling or cracks fix them as soon as it’s safe to get up on the roof or the material is dry enough to repair. Check that roofing materials are secure.
  • Invest in a Sump Pump Sump pumps let you pump water out of your home and can be an excellent defence against flooding
  • Basements Seal walls in basements with waterproofing to avoid seepage. Store items above floor level to prevent damage by water and remove important possessions from the basement. Construct interior barriers to stop low level floodwater from entering basements
  • Prevent sewer backupInstall sewer or septic tank check valves, which allow waste to flow only one way and prevent sewage backup at your property.

Remember: Flooding can strike anywhere and at any time so ensure you stay above water!  By keeping your home in good repair and creating good drainage around your home, you can stop or reduce potential flood damage.

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