Ensure your Rental Property is Properly Protected

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3 ways to ensure your rental property investment is properly protected

Are you a Property Owner who has invested in residential, commercial or mixed use property for profit or as a pension investment vehicle?


Protect your investment – Talk to an Insurance Broker who has specific experience in landlord / property owner insurance who can advise you of the best products and prices available to protect your investment.


Understand your investment – Provide full details of the construction and make up of your property, your tenants and any previous or current claims you may have had so that your Insurance Broker understands the risk and can insure it correctly.


Have Confidence in your investment – With the knowledge that your Insurance Broker has insured your investment correctly you can be confident that if your property suffers damage or if any tenant or member of the public sustains an injury on the premises due to your fault, your insurance policy will respond and deal with that claim.


Does your Insurance Broker have the experience of placing Investment Property risks on a daily basis and know the intricacies of being a Landlord and can they advise you accordingly? Don’t be guided by price alone, have an experienced Landlord Insurance Broker behind you who can advise you based on your circumstances and the potential implications when a claim arises. Ensure you have quality insurance cover with a secure insurer..


We know the importance of understanding the intricacies of being a Landlord. Factor the potential risks that arise as well as the stress and hassle should a claim arise. A low cost basic policy may seem attractive. However, good sound advice from an experienced Landlord Insurance Broker may save you a lot more than a few euro.

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Click Here For More Information on Landlords Insurance with SA Faughnan