Block-laying & Bricklaying Contractors – Request for evidence of insurance cover before going on site.

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As part of the Construction Industry bricklaying or block-laying contractors business could come to a complete halt by a simple error. Everyone in business is exposed to the possibility of a claim being made against them with the bricklayer and block-layer being no exceptions. The main reason for arranging liability insurance is to protect you against claims made against you in respect of your legal liability for personal injury and property damage.  As a bricklayer or block-layer you will be exposed to the possibility of claims being made against you by third parties i.e. members of the public at large and it is public liability insurance you require in order to protect you from these claims. Public liability insurance is not compulsory under Irish law but it is essential insurance cover for a business to have.  If you have employees within your bricklayers and block-layers business, then employer’s liability insurance is highly recommended to cover you against claims made by employees in respect of your legal liability for death, disease and personal injury arising during the course of their employment. Again, Employers Liability cover is not currently a legal requirement in Ireland, but should be considered essential if you have employees as the cost of you personally having to foot a claim for injuries (as the employer) will put you out of business or even render you bankrupt.  Contractors refuse to allow sub-contractors operate on site without proof that they hold adequate public & employer’s liability so although it may not be a legal requirement to hold this cover it is necessary to perform contracts.


What insurance do bricklayers and Block-layers need?

Public liability insurance is an important cover for bricklayers and block-layers and covers you in case someone is injured or their property damaged due to your negligence in the course of your business. The main levels of cover for this policy are (i) €2,600,000 or (ii) €6,500,000 with excess layers of cover available to purchase should the requirement arise.

Employer’s liability insurance provides cover for your employees, apprentices, labour only sub-contractors, casual workers or temporary staff. It covers claims from employees who have been injured or become seriously ill as a result of working for you. It covers you for the compensation that will have to be paid out along with the associated legal costs. The standard indemnity limit available on this policy is €13,000,000 but again you can purchase excess layers of cover should an increased limit be required.


A Few Points to Watch Out for When arranging this insurance cover:


  • Ensure that your Liability Insurance Indemnity Limits match the main contractors limits
  • Check to ensure that the indemnity to employers/principals clause is included on your policy
  • Check to ensure the height limits in place are adequate to cover work on apartment and office blocks and commercial premises
  • Ensure that your policies extend to include all categories of employees i.e. apprentices, labourers, sub-contractors, self-employed persons etc.



Remember: Bricklayers and Block-layers…BE PREPARED and have the necessary insurance covers in place before going on site. Don’t assume that the main contractor will cover you under his insurances without you at least bringing your own Public Liability cover to site.

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At S.A Faughnan (Brokers) Ltd. we can assist you in arranging the correct package to cover your construction trade business including the completion of all insurance forms issued by SEAI, Local Authorities and more. We are insurance professionals and we deal ONLY with A-Rated (financially secure) Insurers at competitive prices.