5 Ways to Protect your Vacant Property during the Winter Months

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Leaving a property vacant over the winter period can often cause stress or anxiety. We’ve decided to help by sharing five essential steps for safeguarding your property:


1. Gully’s & Gutters – Check them for damage, leaks, fallen leaves and that they are clear of all blockages that could affect its strength. Clean the gutters and check these are directed away from the house to ensure rain and snow can drain away freely


2. Pipes – Ensure all mains services are disconnected and all water pipes are drained down to avoid any burst pipes as a result of freezing


3. Roofs – Ensure that all flat roofs are inspected annually prior to winter months and that all defects are repaired by a qualified builder or roofing contractor


4. Foliage – Ensure any overhanging trees or foliage are trimmed back to prevent possible damage to the property by storm


5. Flood – If you are in an area prone to flooding, ensure any items of contents on the basement or ground floor are moved to the upper levels of the property. Ensure Sandbags and Flood Barriers are positioned to the entrances of the building and that neighbouring’s properties carry the same procedure.



Remember:… It will be a condition of your Insurance policy that all vacant properties are inspected at least once a week by the owner or an appointed agent.



Insure your property with a Broker who has the experience of placing Investment Property risks on a daily basis and who knows the intricacies of being a Landlord and can advise you accordingly. Don’t be guided by price alone, have an experienced Landlord Broker behind you as well as quality insurance cover with a secure Insurer…you’ll be thankful when that first claim arrives..

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